2024 7th International Conference on Power Electronics and Control Engineering (ICPECE 2024)

History of ISPECE 2021

History of ISPECE 2021

The 4th International Symposium on Power Electronics and Control Engineering came to a successful conclusion

On September 16-18, 2021, the 4th International Conference on Power Electronics and Control Engineering (ISPECE 2021) was grandly held in Nanchang! The conference attracted more than 300 online and offline experts and scholars from various countries to conduct heated discussions and discuss together Frontier dynamics and development trends in the field of power electronics and control engineering.


The conference is hosted by East China Jiaotong University, co-sponsored by Chongqing University, Guangxi University, and Changchun University of Science and Technology. It is organized by the School of Mechatronics and Vehicle Engineering, East China Jiaotong University, and the Key Laboratory of Vehicles and Equipment of the Ministry of Education of East China Jiaotong University. East China Jiaotong University Rail Transit Infrastructure Performance State Key Laboratory of Monitoring and Assurance, Institute of Precision Machining and Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing, East China Jiaotong University, School of Electrical and Information Engineering, Hunan University, Nanchang Key Laboratory of Intelligent Connected New Energy Vehicles, Intelligent Vehicle and Information Technology Branch of China Instrument and Control Society , Co-organized by AEIC Academic Exchange Center, sponsored by ITECH Electronics Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Dazhou Energy Technology Co., Ltd., and Baidu Academic provides strategic cooperation support.

Field visits by experts and scholars, focusing on cutting-edge technology

The purpose of this conference is to strengthen academic exchanges and show the latest achievements in the field of power electronics and control engineering. The organizer of the conference, East China Jiaotong University and Jiangxi local leading enterprise Jiangling New Energy Co., Ltd., invited participating experts and scholars to visit the new energy base of Jiangling Group Welding and assembly workshops, test-driving JMC new energy vehicles. And conduct in-depth exchanges and discussions on current hotspots and frontier issues.


This academic investigation was widely praised by the participating scholars, and it also strengthened the enterprise's confidence and determination to take the path of technological innovation and development, strengthened the cooperation and docking between university research institutes and enterprises, and promoted the in-depth integration of industry, university and research.

Opening ceremony of the conference on September 17



At the opening of the conference, Chen Mengcheng, Vice President of East China Jiaotong University, and Professor Yu Yinquu, Chairman of East China Jiaotong University, delivered speeches respectively.

Gathering of leading academics, discussing new technologies and developments in multiple forms and angles

The conference site invited Professor Li Yongdong, the head of the Institute of Power Electronics and Motor Systems, Professor Li Yongdong of Tsinghua University, IEEE fellow, Professor Zhu Jizhong of South China University of Technology, Professor Shen Zuying, Director of Jiangxi Jiangling Group New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., and Professor Yang Guilin, Director of the Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, IEEE fellow Professor Wen Fushuan of Zhejiang University, Foreign Fellow of Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering (CSEE), IET Fellow, Professor Wu Huihuang of Guangxi University, National Young Talent Professor Xu Wei of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education General Motors Chinese University Automotive Innovation Talent , Professor Cui Shumei of Harbin Institute of Technology, Professor Zhao Jinbin of Shanghai Electric Power University, Lecturer Mao Ling, National Overseas High-level Talents, Junwu Scholar, Professor Wu Xinzhang of Guangxi University, Dr. Wu Zhongze, Team Representative of Huawei Professor of Southeast University, School of Electrical and Information Engineering, Hunan University Professor Huang Shoudao, Secretary of the Party Committee, Professor Zhong Yuanchang of Chongqing University, Professor Jiang Quan of the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, CRRC Dalian Electric Traction R&D Center Co., Ltd., Professor Jiang Yueli and other 15 experts and scholars made wonderful reports and shared their reports; Six scholars were selected from many applicants to give on-site oral reports.


Prof. Yongdong Li , Tsinghua University

Speech title: Topology, Modulation and Control of Multilevel Converter


Prof. Jizhong Zhu, South China University of Technology

Speech title: Application of Power Electronic Technology in Power System


Director Zuying Shen, Jiangxi Jiangling Group New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd.

Speech title: Innovation and Development of New Energy Vehicles for Carbon Neutrality


Prof. Guilin Yang, Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Speech title: Advanced Industrial Robot Technology and Application


Prof. Fushuan Wen, Zhejiang University

Speech title: Flexible slope products in modern power systems and the developing power market


Prof. Goh Hui Hwang, Guangxi University

Speech title: Design and Evaluation of Multi-stage Reward Function for Microgrid Energy Management Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning


Prof. Wei Xu, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Speech title: Linear Oscillation Motor and Drive System


Prof. Shumei Cui, Harbin Institute of Technology

Speech title: Reliability and Fault Diagnosis of Electric Vehicle Electric Drive System


Lecturer Ling Mao, Prof. Zhao Jinbin's team representative from Shanghai Electric Power University

Speech title: Key Technologies and Applications of Grid-connected Operation of Energy Storage Virtual Synchronous Machines under the Goal of "Double Carbon"


Prof. Wu Xinzhang of Guangxi University

Speech title: High-power high-speed motor


Dr. Zhongze Wu, Representative of Huawei Professor Team, Southeast University

Speech title: Generation Mechanism, Mathematical Modeling and Suppression Method of Excitation Winding Induced Ripple Voltage of Stator Electric Excitation Brushless Motor


Prof. Shoudao Huang, Hunan University

Speech title: Key Technology and Application of Permanent Magnet Electric Drive System for Special Vehicles


Prof. Yuanchang Zhong, Chongqing University

Speech title: Design and Experimental Research of Laser Wireless Energy Transmission System


Prof. Quan Jiang, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

Speech title: Self-sensing method of key parameters of three-phase permanent magnet motor based on drive


Prof. Yueli Jiang, CRRC Dalian Electric Traction R&D Center Co., Ltd.

Speech title: China's rail transit equipment strategy and implementation in the new era

Oral Speeches


1. Minghao Zhou, Harbin University of Science and Technology

2. Weiwei Yang, East China Jiaotong University

3. Siyuan Ze, East China Jiaotong University

4. Tao Fu, East China Jiaotong University

5. Zhijie Zhang, China Shipbuilding Industry System Engineering Research Institute

6. Mingxing He, East China Jiaotong University

Discipline construction experience exchange, strong academic atmosphere


At the conference site, participating experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs focused on the international frontier scientific and technological fields, closely integrated the hotspots, difficulties, and key areas in the development of power electronics and control engineering and related industries, and talked freely about new technologies and new developments through multiple forms and angles. At the same time, we will show and share the latest research results and industrial progress made in recent years.

The conference concluded successfully, the next Changchun University of Science and Technology took over

At the end of the conference, a grand handover ceremony was held to the fifth host Changchun University of Science and Technology. Let me look forward to meeting in the beautiful "Northland Spring City" in Changchun next year!


As one of the co-organizers of this conference, the AEIC Academic Exchange Center assisted the successful convening of the conference with practical actions. In the future, AEIC will continue to uphold the academic service spirit of "professionalism, concentration, and concentration", taking the promotion of academic prosperity as the starting point and end point. Carry out various academic exchange activities to jointly promote the development of academic scientific research and applied research.